Arrowhead, Waa•bi•zii•pin; Muj ’ota ’bûk


Arrowhead (Sagittari cuneata and Sagittaria latifolia) is found growing in shallow water along the shoreline of lakes and streams. It is noted by its distinctive arrowhead shaped leaves and small, three-petaled white flowers. Ojibwe gathered the roots of this plant as a starchy food source. An infusion made from the roots was used to treat indigestion and stomach ailments.

Waa•bi•zii•pin is the contemporary spelling of this plant while noted Minnesota ethnobotanist Frances Densmore recorded its name as muj… [Read More]



Kelly’s was a local “House of Ill Fame” located just outside of Tower, across the river. It probably operated between the late 1880s and the early 1930s. It was opened… [Read More]

Thomas J. Walsh


Thomas J. Walsh was a prominent member of Tower and Soudan’s history at the turn of the 20th Century, though his name seems all but forgotten. He was involved in… [Read More]

Tower & Soudan Street Railway Company


For a short time before the turn of the 20th century, Tower and Soudan had a streetcar. The streetcar ran from Mill Point, through Tower along Main Street, to Soudan… [Read More]

North American Brick, Tile and Pottery Company


The North American Brick, Tile and Pottery Company was part of the industry surrounding the Town of Walsh, and was built and running while the North American Mine[Read More]


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