City of Tower

City of Tower returns 4th of July responsibilities to the community

The Tower City Council, at its January 23 meeting, unanimously approved turning all Tower Fourth of July activities over to an independent committee divesting the city from its role in… [Read More]

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TEDA and city council approves contract on harbor development

Thursday, January 12. 2017 — In back-to-back meetings the Tower Economic Development Authority (TEDA) and the Tower City Council conducted special sessions, Thursday, January 12, 2017, to approve a contract allowing… [Read More]

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City approves 4.5 percent tax levy increase citing pressing need to act on economic development

DECEMBER 12, 2016—The Tower City Council quickly abandoned its idea of a zero-percent levy increase, Monday, as it pushed upwards the bottom line of the 2017 budget by four-and-one-half percent…. [Read More]

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It’s time for Tower to take inventory; the correct path will become clear

DECEMBER 7, 2016—Tower’s city council is working hard on setting its 2017 budget. Past city leadership has left the city with a portfolio of assets from which we benefit today… [Read More]

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City hires Steve Altenburg as Ambulance Director

NOVEMBER 28, 2016 — Tower Mayor Josh Carlson opened tonight’s city council meeting by expressing the council’s sympathies to City Clerk–Treasurer Linda Keith and her family. Keith’s family was bereaved by the… [Read More]

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