Greenwood Township

Greenwood paves way for supervisors to attend every single meeting in the township

OCTOBER 11, 2016 — Supervisor Jeff Maus has emphasized that he visualizes a transparent, open government since his recent appointment to the town board. He has advocated strongly for public input and… [Read More]

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Greenwood Township relinquishes Planning & Zoning control to St. Louis County

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 — Nearly twenty years ago, in the late 1990s, Lake Vermilion residents and property owners residing in an unincorporated township west of Greenwood Township actively, and successfully,… [Read More]

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Greenwood Town Board fires Planning Director; meets in closed session

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 — The Greenwood Town Board of Supervisors met in its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday evening and quickly dispensed with its opening duties of paying the bills,… [Read More]

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“Become a boring township,” attorney advises Greenwood Township

THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2016 — Responding to urgent concerns, the Greenwood Town Board of Supervisors met with its attorney in a special meeting Thursday afternoon. The entire board was present… [Read More]

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New members, Maus and Kladivo, seated on Greenwood Town Board

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2016 — Three members of the beleaguered Greenwood Town Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday evening for the board’s regular scheduled meeting. The meeting was moved from… [Read More]

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