Bois Forte Band

Flood Myth of the Bois Fort Chippewas of Minnesota

by Albert B. Reagan, 1871–1936 Manabush is the creator god of our people (the Bois Fort Chippewas). Soon after his birth his parents were both killed by a clan of… [Read More]

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1848 — Wisconsin Territory survey crew arrives at Lake Vermilion

J. G. Norwood, working in the employ of U. S. geologist David Dale Owen, spent the summer and autumn of 1848 surveying the northwestern most reaches of the Wisconsin Territory,… [Read More]

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Lake Vermilion Cultural Center hosts conversations on the fur trade

SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 — Late in the 17th century the cultural intersection between the ancestors of Lake Vermilion’s Bois Forte Ojibwe Indians, and French Voyageurs and Courier du Bois… [Read More]

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Ted Wheeler’s Livery

  Tower Stage Line at Ted Wheeler’s Livery. The livery is believed to have been located on the site of The Tower News building. This Tower Stage Line provided public… [Read More]

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Enjoying the lake

  Bois Forte family, c. 1905, photographed canoeing on Lake Vermilion.    

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