City of Tower

North American Mine

History The North American Mine was one of four of Thomas J. Walsh‘s mining projects, started in the early 1900s and progressing until the mid 1920s. Walsh had many big… [Read More]

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Town of Walsh

History The Town of Walsh was a project Thomas J. Walsh was working on in the early years of the 20th century: a town for the workers of the North… [Read More]

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Tower Old Settlers’ Cemetery

History Before the Tower Cemetery Association was created and the Lakeview Cemetery was cleared and built, Tower had a cemetery on the south side of the East Two River, in… [Read More]

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Tower Junction

History The Tower Junction was a busy place servicing daily freight and passenger train service coming to the Soudan Mine and the City of Tower, and also heading to Ely…. [Read More]

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Artifacts of the Vermilion Iron Range Industrial Boom

The Industrial Boom Between the exploration and gold rush of 1865 and the closing of the Soudan Mine in 1962, the Vermilion Iron Range and the Tower area was host… [Read More]

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