Lake Vermilion

Goodwill’s Place on Lake Vermilion

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Bay View Lodge waterfront

  View of the Bay View Lodge waterfront, taken from the shore of Big Bay, Lake Vermilion. Date unknown.

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Lake Vermilion Cultural Center hosts conversations on the fur trade

SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 — Late in the 17th century the cultural intersection between the ancestors of Lake Vermilion’s Bois Forte Ojibwe Indians, and French Voyageurs and Courier du Bois… [Read More]

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Game and Fish Men Here with Nets

State Fish and Game men lifting nets on the Pike River, circa 1912.   SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016 — Today, in honor of the cold and snowy fishing opener, we… [Read More]

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Ted Wheeler’s Livery

  Tower Stage Line at Ted Wheeler’s Livery. The livery is believed to have been located on the site of The Tower News building. This Tower Stage Line provided public… [Read More]

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