Lake Vermilion

Goodwill Summer Resort

“Lake Vermilion, with its many charming little islets — 365 in all, it has been asserted,  most of them well timbered, makes an ideal summer ‘retreat’ for the city man… [Read More]

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Birch Point Inn

Crowds of guests enjoying the lake front while an excursion boat makes a stop at Birch Point Inn. The Rustic Main Log Lodge at Birch Point Inn. All photos c…. [Read More]

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Enjoying the lake

  Bois Forte family, c. 1905, photographed canoeing on Lake Vermilion.    

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Bois Forte children at Birch Point camp

Bois Forte children at Birch Point camp. Photo dated 1922.

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Indian couple canoeing on Pike Bay

This 1930s linen photograph postcard depicts a Bois Forte Band of Chippewa (Ojibwe) couple canoeing on Pike Bay, Lake Vermilion. The hand-crafted birch bark canoe, or wiigwaasi•jiiman in the Ojibwe… [Read More]

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