1848 — Wisconsin Territory survey crew arrives at Lake Vermilion

J. G. Norwood, working in the employ of U. S. geologist David Dale Owen, spent the summer and autumn of 1848 surveying the northwestern most reaches of the Wisconsin Territory,… [Read More]

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Vermilion Lake Iron Range

A copy of this rare map of the Lake Vermilion Iron Range was published in the Compendium of the Tenth Census of the United States by the Department of the… [Read More]

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Goodwill’s Place on Lake Vermilion

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Bay View Lodge waterfront

View of the Bay View Lodge waterfront, taken from the shore of Big Bay, Lake Vermilion. Date unknown.

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Lake Vermilion Cultural Center hosts conversations on the fur trade

SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 — Late in the 17th century the cultural intersection between the ancestors of Lake Vermilion’s Bois Forte Ojibwe Indians, and French Voyageurs and Courier du Bois… [Read More]

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