City of Tower completes repairs on broken sewer line

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2017 — On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Tower completed all necessary repairs to fix a sewage leak created by a break in the pressurized line which caused partially treated wastewater to seep into the East Two River along the eastern edge of the city.

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The City of Tower has issued a public notice last Friday warning the public to avoid contact with water in the East Two River and the south shore of Pike Bay, Lake Vermilion. A city sewer line broke within city limits and “partially treated wastewater” was released into the East Two River, upstream from Pike Bay, according to a public notice issued by city officials.

The City of Tower warns the public to avoid contact with water from the river and bay to avoid contact with potentially harmful bacteria.

St. Louis County and the Minnesota Pollution control Agency have been notified of the wastewater discharge. City officials have announced that the city is working to stop the wastewater release, and is collecting and hauling wastewater to its treatment facilities until the broken sewer line can be fixed.

The city will keep the public advised when it lifts the advisory through its facebook page and media. Contact Tower City clerk Linda Keith at r telephone number (218) 753-4070, for additional information.