Ice clears Lake Vermilion April 15

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2017 — The 2017 official date for Lake Vermilion completely shedding its winter coat of ice has been declared to be April 15. According to The Tower News, “An ariel check of the lake on Saturday morning (April 15), revealed that the lake had cleared completely, thus the April 15 date. Phyllis Burgess, editor emeritus at The News, explains that years ago it was determined that ice out records for Lake Vermilion would be kept on a noon to noon basis. With the official day starting at noon. It was determined that this would be the best way to verify ice out as it is impossible to determine to correct day during hours of darkness. The Tower News has been keeping continuous records of Lake Vermilion ice outs since 1923. Its records also include the years 1906, 1910, 1914 and 1915. Under Editor Burgess’ service The Tower News has gained a reputation for the most truthful reporting locally. is pleased to work with this venerated newspaper and Editor Burgess in providing accurate Lake Vermilion Ice Out data in its public, on-line, archives.

Reviewing 95 years of available records only six Lake Vermilion ice out dates occurred prior to this year’s date of April 15. They are: 1910— April 10; 1939—April 14; 1945—April 10; 1998—April 13; 2010—April 6 and 2012—April 2.