Tower calls for marina demolition bids

MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 2018 — The Tower City Council met, for the third time in January, on Monday, January 29 and called for bids to complete several demolition projects at the Tower Marina. The marina was purchased by Your Boat Club in November of last year and plans are underway for several upgrades to the property. Anticipating Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) funding for the project, the city is calling for bids as a part of the application process. The IRRRB has gave every indication that it will be able, and willing, to fund the project according to Tower City Clerk-Treasurer Linda Keith. The bids call for a April 15 completion date for all work on the project, however Alderman Lance Dougherty asked if that date complied with Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regulations affecting work in the East Two River. While no one in attendance at the meeting was completely familiar with DNR regulations, Jason Chopp, SEH, civil engineering project coordinator, confirmed that he would investigate any potential regulations which might impact the demolition project. Satisfied that all questions would soon be answered the city council unanimously approved publishing a call for sealed bids. The bid notice appears elsewhere in this issue of The News.

The Tower Airport Commission informed the city council that the sewer pump at the airport has failed and the commission recommends the installation of a holding tank, over replacing the pump, according to clerk Keith. SEH project coordinator Chopp told the city council that he estimates a 4,000 gallon holding tank would easily handle wastewater from the three commercial hangar leases and airport arrival and departure building currently serviced by the existing system. A holding tank will need to be pumped regularly, about once a month, according to the city’s engineer. The city council indicated that it would look an implementing a sewer charge for leaseholders hooked up to the system to pay for the anticipated costs of pumping. The total cost for the project has been estimated to cost between $4,000 and $6,000, depending on the cost of excavation and refilling Chopp told the council. Minnesota Department of Transportation aeronautics emergency grants would be available to pay for the project.

“I know the Airport Commission has discussed this at length,” Mayor Josh Carlson said as he asked the city council to move to accept the commission’s recommendation. The council gave its unanimous approval to initiating  a grant application and proceeding with the project.

The final business to come before the city council at this special meeting was the approval of resolution 2018-001 “authorizing the issuance, sale and delivery of a $5000,000 park and recreation gross revenue bond” to pay for the Hoodoo Point Campground improvements and expansion. The bonds will incur a 4.25 percent annual interest charge over the 20 year amortization period ending February 1, 2038. The city expects that the bond will be amortized through the increased revenues generated by the new campsite fees. The city council unanimously approved the resolution to issue the bonds. Much of the work on the Hoodoo Point Campground expansion was completed before freeze-up at the start of this winter and it is expected that work will be completed this spring before the fishing opener on May 12.