Thursday, July 19, 1888

VERMILION IRON JOURNAL—Thursday, July 19, 1888

The JOURNAL has no desire to be continually finding fault, but actually a few back yards and alley ways are shameful. Why don’t the board of health take steps to have them cleansed?

Saloons are getting quite numerous in Tower. Only three new ones this week.

Ely has got a base ball club, and wants to tackle our Maroons. Our boys should have both pity and mercy in this instance if they ever come in.

The party sending the Journal anonymous communication will attach his name to it we will do as he says.

The fire bell is loud sounding to wake even the heaviest sleeper in the east end.

Saloonkeepers should not sell Indians whiskey. Our council should put a stop to nefarious practice before it is to late.