Thursday, July 2, 1891

VERMILION IRON JOURNAL–Thursday, July 2, 1891

Adam Duff, the Tower character who has been the subject of much discussion lately, after spending Saturday and Sunday in the city jail and being fined $25 in municipal court, left Tuesday for Duluth.

William Luther killed a small bear up in the Vermilion river country this week.

Chas.Lang, the photographer, has purchased the corner lot at the junction of Popular and South Second and contemplates erecting a dwelling there.

Deputy Marshall Warren was here Friday and arrested Che-ge-she-weab, charged with selling whiskey to other Indians. He will have his hearing in Duluth Friday.

Oscar Carlson, a Finn working on the Minnesota stockpiles, met with an accident that resulted in his death Thursday night. Uncoupling the two ore cars, he undertook to let them down the grade to No. 5 stock pile, neglecting to see that the remaining empty cars had their brakes set. He was standing on the front end of the forward car, when the rest of the train coming down the grade behind struck his car unawares and he was thrown headlong in front of the moving train. The car wheels passed over one leg, cutting it nearly off, and his other leg and one arm were fractured. an amputation was made that evening at the Minnesota hospital and he died a few hours later. He leaves no family.