Vermilion Archives (Vermilion Iron Journal Morgue) items which we would very much like to add to our Lake Vermilion research collections:

A Dictionary of the Otchipwe Lanuage, Baraga, Frederick (R. R. Bishop) Montreal, Beauchemin & Valois, 1878

Plants Used by the Great Lakes Ojibwe, Meeker, James, E.; Elias, Joan A.; and Heim, John A., Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, Odanah, WI, 1993

The Aborigines Of Minnesota: A Report Based On The Collections Of Jacob V. Brower And On The Field Surveys And Notes Of Alfred J. Hill And Theodore H. Lewis,  Winchell, N. H. — $450.00

Minnesota History, The Quarterly of the Minnesota Historical Society, Summer 1974, Vol. 44, No. 2
Minnesota Historical Society, 1974 — approximate value $10.50

Blueberry Jam and Other thoughts from Lake Vermilion and the Northwoods,
Christenson, J. Rolland — approximate value  $20.00

The Duluth gabbro and its contact metamorphism in the vicinity of Gabimichigami Lake Vermilion iron-bearing district Minnesota 1917 [Hardcover]
Merle Louis Nebel — approximate value  $30.00

The Laurel Culture in Minnesota
Stoltman, James B.; Paul W. Lukens, Jr., faunal analysis; David L. Webster, artifact analysis
Published by St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society (1973) — approximate value $35.00

Outing Volume 72; Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction (Paperback)
Published by, United States (2012) ISBN 10: 1232212385 ISBN 13: 9781232212386
— approximate value $99.00

St. Louis County 1914
W. W. Hixon & Co.,  — Unknown Value

The Federal Reporter, Volume 240 — Unknown Value

The Ojibwe Journals of Edmund F. Ely, 1833-1849 Ely, Edmund F
Published by University of Nebraska Press (2012-11-01) ISBN 10: 0803271409 / ISBN 13: 9780803271401 — approximate value $65.00