Birchwood, a Lake Vermilion resort

A simple summer cabin at Birchwood, a Lake Vermilion resort.

A simple summer cabin at Birchwood, a Lake Vermilion resort.

Fishing resorts were established across Lake Vermilion during the early decades of the 20th century. One hundred years later most have disappeared into the pages of history. This week, the Lake Vermilion Archives and acquired two photographs, c. 1925, of Birchwood, a resort believed to have once been located on Everett Bay.

Each year many of the details of these businesses vanish from our collective memories. encourages anyone with photographs, stories or recollections of… [Read More]

The LaRue Mine (Armstrong Bay Mine)


The LaRue Mine was a small mining operation northeast of Lake Vermilion, located along the same ridge as the larger Soudan Mine and the Consolidated Vermilion & Extension mine. It… [Read More]

Monsignor Joseph Francis Buh


Monsignor Joseph Francis Buh was a Catholic priest who traveled Minnesota around the time of the early gold rush, ministering to many groups of people and setting up churches across… [Read More]

Early Day History

This was a series of articles printed in the Tower Weekly News between March 14, 1914 and April 24, 1914.

Early Day History

It has been thirty years—come St. Patrick’s Day,… [Read More]

The People of Lake Vermilion

Since the Vermilion Gold Rush, a wide diaspora of people have come to the Lake Vermilion area in search of fortune, fame, recreation, or a little slice of the woods… [Read More]


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