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LakeVermilion.net, LLC: is a cooperative effort to develop a central Lake Vermilion community website. Its purpose is to collect and publish, for the enjoyment and benefit of everyone, any and all information about the lake and community. It is hoped you will find the information, stories, photographs, historical research and miscellanea published within this site to be of sufficient interest. We invite you to join with us in this endeavor. Please contact us with your ideas, comments, contributions and considerations at info*AT*lakevermilion.net.



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• Partnered with Lake Vermilion Archives: LakeVermilion.net and the Vermilion Archives have joined in partnership to commit to collecting and publishing information about the Lake Vermilion community and the history of Lake Vermilion and sharing this information with everyone on the internet.

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• Notes on Language: LakeVermilion.net is a 21st century website and strives to use language which is not offensive to anyone. Our goals are to be inclusive, recognizing the contributions and inherent worth of all peoples. We recognize that many of the historical period accounts published herein are not always sensitive to our contemporary views and mores. These accounts were written in very different times and we recognize they often use language which is unenlightened, racially prejudiced, provocative and is considered offensive to many people. The historical accounts are published verbatim, as historical documents, precisely as they were written. We make no apologies for any language used within this material and publish it as historical reference reflecting the original in every way.