Vermilion Iron Journal


Thursday, October 13, 1887 — “… a couple of the demi-monde yesterday afternoon partly upset the buggy in front of Oppel’s store, letting one of the “inmates” to the ground rather suddenly.”


Thursday, July 19, 1988 — “… actually a few back yards and alley ways are shameful.” “Saloons are getting quite numerous in Tower.”  & other interesting news.

Thursday, August 9, 1888 — “Who Are Well Pleased. The readers of the JOURNAL, because it is the salvation army and bulwark of Tower’s interests …”


Thursday, May 7, 1891 — “John Tapley was quite seriously bitten in the Pioneer Hotel Tuesday morning …” “… admitted that an old whisky is by far the best …” “Strawberries, lettuce and cucumbers are in the market. Colic and little funerals will soon follow.” & other stories.

• Thursday, May, 14, 1891 —

Thursday, May 21, 1891 — “The summer sunsets on the lake are magnificently grand and the beholder would say that there could be no better or more appropriate name than the one the aboriginees adopted and the one they still continue to use. Nee-man-nee—explained by them as the evening sun tinting the water a reddish color!”

Thursday, June 25, 1891 — “… used obscene, profane and indecent language;” “… murder trial of Bah-mah-e-je-waish-kung;” & other stories of interest.

• Thursday, July 2, 1891 — “… charged with selling whiskey to other Indians;” “… thrown headlong in front of the moving train;” & other stories of interest.

Thursday, August 13, 1891 — “… turned his two remaining children over to the missionaries for their care and attention;” “Another drowning, this time in Lake Vermilion;” & other stories.

Thursday, September 3, 1891 — “… Get a hold who thinks what you say is true, and it will take fifteen years to find out what a mistake she has made.” “…had he known something about attending to business instead of getting drunk …” & other stories

• Thursday, November 5, 1891 — The Discoverer of the Vermilion Range.