Our collection of the medicine plants of the Bois Forte Ojibwe

Canada Anemone, Mindewijiibik

This important medicine plant grows in patches in meadows, upland forest, and along shorelines throughout the Lake Vermilion area. It produces a small white, five-petaled flower. Ojibwe people treated themselves… [Read More]

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Canada Mayflower, Agongosimin

Canadian Mayflower (Maianthemum canadense) is a common northern wildflower growing on the forest floor. The moist and dry areas across Lake Vermilion, the northern Great Lakes States and into Canada… [Read More]

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Yellow Ladyslipper, Makizin

The Yellow Ladyslipper (Cypricedium calceolus) can be found in bogs and wet woodland areas. Its Ojibwe name, makazin, clearly refers to its slipper shape and indeed looks very similar to… [Read More]

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Arrowhead, Waa•bi•zii•pin; Muj ’ota ’bûk

Arrowhead (Sagittari cuneata and Sagittaria latifolia) is found growing in shallow water along the shoreline of lakes and streams. It is noted by its distinctive arrowhead shaped leaves and small,… [Read More]

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Pearly Everlasting, Waa•bigwan

Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea) can often be found growing on dry, sandy soils, among Pussy Toes, and orange or yellow Hawkweeds. The plant can grow from anywhere from  between 6… [Read More]

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Bloodroot, Mis•ko•wi•jii•bik

Bloodroot, (Sanguninaria candensis) is one of the earliest blooms you will find in the boreal forest around Lake Vermilion. The white eight to ten petal flowers range from three to… [Read More]

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