City of Cook

The People of Lake Vermilion

Since the Vermilion Gold Rush, a wide diaspora of people have come to the Lake Vermilion area in search of fortune, fame, recreation, or a little slice of the woods… [Read More]

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Artifacts of the Vermilion Iron Range Industrial Boom

The Industrial Boom Between the exploration and gold rush of 1865 and the closing of the Soudan Mine in 1962, the Vermilion Iron Range and the Tower area was host… [Read More]

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Cook Mercantile Company

The Cook Mercantile Company, depicted in this 1913 photograph, was a general store providing all the necessary supplies to make life a little easier for people living in town or… [Read More]

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Mecca Hotel

A 1950s view of the Mecca Hotel in Cook. The Lake Vermilion Archives would appreciate any additional information people might want to share as our files are incomplete.

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