The People of Lake Vermilion

Ted Wheeler Livery, Tower, MN

Since the Vermilion Gold Rush, a wide diaspora of people have come to the Lake Vermilion area in search of fortune, fame, recreation, or a little slice of the woods to call their own. A wider variety of people have come here than we may realize. The Lake Vermilion Archives would like to examine some of the lives of people that arrived in Tower and Soudan and the surrounding area communities during the early days of the 1900s. This continuing series will examine people – those whose names and histories we know, and those who may not be so well known – from here or who came here from all over the world.

If there are any names from Lake Vermilion’s history that you’d like to know more about, let us know at info*AT* and we’ll dig in and post what we find! Also, feel free to look at the Cemetery Records area for more historical information about area families.

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The People of Lake Vermilion

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