Life lost in Tower house fire

Infant’s life lost in Tower house fire.

WENDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2017 —The St. Louis St. Sheriff’s office has confirmed that an 11-month-old infant died during a home fire in Tower. A structure fire broke out in a rental home at 813 North Third Street, Tower, before 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. The home became engulfed in smoke. The Tower Fire Department, Tower Ambulance Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Breitung Fire Department quickly responded, as did the Virginia ALS paramedics, Greenwood Township Fire Department and Embarrass Fire Department. The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department and Breitung Police Department also responded securing the scene.

A Life Link III helicopter was dispatched to transport the infant, who reportedly was not breathing, at approximately 8:49 a.m. Officials with the Sheriff’s office confirmed Wednesday evening that, unfortunately, the young victim perished before it could be transported to the hospital. The area around the fire has been taped off and remains secured. Emergency service personnel remained at the scene throughout the evening Wednesday and the fire remains under investigation. The Minnesota Fire Marshall has investigators at the scene.

The sheriffs department has not released the name of the victim, or full details regarding the ongoing investigation, pending notification of the family. News organizations have been asked to refrain from speculation until the investigation is complete and officials can provide details in an official release.

St. Louis County land records show that the property is owned by former Breitung Police Department officer Jason Karjela.

One retired, veteran fire fighter, Jeff Hill, witnessed the events and reported that the local and combined agency response was exemplary and professional.